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Our Program

“We invite you to diversify your herd or add a valuable companion to your life with one of our Arabian horses.”

Carabella walks through the trees in our mare pasture

Our boutique Arabian breeding program began December 31, 2002 with the purchase of the exquisite RB Cavalier++, who has proven to be a formidable show horse and our optimal foundation sire. RB Cavalier++’s incredible temperament and ability to master numerous disciplines helped form our vision of the ideal Arabian horse. Simply stated, MLM Arabians was founded with the idea that one can still breed a highly specialized, exotic individual with the structure and athleticism to compete in the most demanding performance venues.

A quick look at our horses will reveal not only our dedication to versatility in the show ring, but our goal of maintaining diversity in our bloodline groups as well. By beginning our program with a Babson/*Turfa base, we were able to look at a variety of foundation bloodlines to help form our herd. When we  began searching for our foundation mare, we knew we wanted  to bring in modern type and beauty with a strong foundation dam line. That mare was Moments Light, a mare from the tail female line of Drifada (who numerous national winners in halter and performance trace to) and by a Padrons Psyche son who’s athleticism was strengthened by the infusion of *Menes RASB and Naborr.

Over our first few years we leased a variety of high quality Straight Egyptian mares to cross to RB Cavalier++, which yielded exceptional performance and sport horses with a strong presence of Babson and Halima (a proven home run cross for Babson lines) blood. As our program evolved, we acquired AO Breeze, a double Halima and Khemosabi stallion, who epitomized the versatile Arabian horse by claiming the title of the only living Arabian stallion with national wins in halter and open jumpers. He offers our program and our clients’ the opportunity to recapture the wonderment of Khemosabi, his versatility and endearing temperament.

Since we acquired Breeze we have begun to expand our program to include the blood of Om El Arab (who campaigns their horses both in halter and under saddle performance), Varian Arabians, Al Marah, Janow Podlaski, as well as bygone breeders who celebrated the Arabian athlete such as Dub Miller and Apple Hill. We are honored to have horses closely tied to he programs we greatly admired and we look forward to furthering these connections and expanding them with each breeding year to include a greater breadth of high quality bloodlines that will cross well into our strong base of Babson/*Turfa, *Gdansk, Halima, Padron Psyche, and Salon breeding.

An MLM Arabian horse is an Arabian horse that can provide a valuable set of bloodlines perfect for outcrossing to the dominant sire lines of today, providing bone, substance, movement, and balance without sacrificing the distinctive Arabian type and spirit. We invite you to diversify your herd or add a valuable companion to your life with one of our Arabian horses- each lovingly bred with the vision of the goal of producing the versatile Arabian perpetually at the forefront of our breeding decisions. Our Arabians are show horses, pleasure horses, athletes, and family horses.